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Welcome to Encinitas Orchids-
September Update...
We are moving to Orange County and are no longer serving the San Diego
area. Thank you to all who have supported us in San Diego!!

live orchid arrangement gift arrangement Live Orchid Arrangements set into stunning one-of-a-kind Designer Containers.
asian box with tropical plants

Antique Rice Bucket

Orchids, bright Antheriums, and golden green bromeliads in an authentic wooden antique rice container from Asia.
small meta orchid box
Simple Metal Vase
Clean and modern in its look. Tall white Phalaenopsys and colorful bromeliad with hanging 'string of pearls' succulents make this interesting and contemporary.
Ceramic container orchid arrangement

Ceramic Jar

Lofting white and magenta phalaenopsis orchids in a ceramic
jar container. A beautiful display with hanging succulents. Great
gift idea.